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James is an expert in the financial advice field. Here is how:

  • An unparalleled Financial Markets background

  • An Honours Degree in Economics

  • A Market Service Licence from the Financial Markets Authority

  • Offices in Tauranga and Auckland

  • Not tied to any Financial Provider, Bank, Fund Manager or Insurer.

  • Very approachable


Work History:

  • Foreign Exchange Banking – San Paolo Bank -  London - 1990 to 1991

  • Bond Trading – Bonds Trading for Mitsubishi Trust London -1991 to 1993

  • Business Development Manager –Financial Markets Specialist, Reuters UK - 1994 to 2001

  • Telecom NZ - Account Manager Gen-i - 2002 to 2006

  • Tutor – Bay of Plenty Polytechnic and Waikato Business School 2008

  • Financial Adviser & Principle of Morgan Steel Financial Services Limited Trading as SHARE 2007 to Present


I provide a personal financial planning service, integrating the following elements seamlessly and clearly.

  • Independent Portfolio Services

  • Diversified Portfolio Recommendations and monitoring

  • Discretionary Investment Management Service

  • Integrating Independent Research

 Investment Advice:

  • Full Retirement and Planning service

  • Goal Setting

  • Investment planning and implementation.

  • Income from Funds analysis and recommendations

  • UK Pension Transfers

  • KiwiSaver

  • Risk/ Reward examination.


Risk Advice:

  • Analysing Risk Coverage


Personal Life

  • James plays 11 aside football in the vet soccer Leagues

  • James is married to Lucy and runs around with his boys Jonny and Jacob.

  • James is the past Chair of the Street Kai Association, bringing healthy food and connections to the homeless of Tauranga

  • James is the Treasurer of The Tauranga Housing Advocacy Trust.


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